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How do fees and payments work?

Please contact your health insurance provider prior to our first appointment to understand your mental health benefits provided by your insurance provider and your specific policy. To fully understand your benefits and coverage it may be helpful to ask the following questions:


  1. Do I need a referral or pre-approval for mental health treatment?

  2. Are there any limitations to my mental health coverage (i.e. visit limits, dollar limits)?

  3. Is there an annual deductible I must pay before the plan pays?

  4. How much will I pay for services after I meet my deductible?

  5. Is there a list of providers that I must see to have coverage?


I am an in-network provider for the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross Blue Sheild




What if I am not a provider with your insurance?

If I am not a provider with your insurance you may choose to file for out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance company. The insurance company may pay for services or a percentage of services. I will cooperate with the insurance company and provide any clinical reports that are required; however, you will be responsible for finding out what is required by contacting them directly.


You may also choose not to use insurance and instead pay for services “out of pocket.” Clients who choose this option,  have an additional level of confidentiality and control over their own treatment because treatment decisions are made between the provider and the client without any input from an insurance company. 



Intake: $275

45 minute Individual Psychotherapy session: $190

60 minute Individual Psychotherapy session: $200



Payment can be made by check, credit card, health savings account card or cash.


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